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It took an hour of driving on sunday before it didn't say Updating on the screen.

Dating old bottles uk

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Updated October 2014 As with most "collecting" hobbies, ours starts out driven only by the desire to learn about & enjoy as many different and aesthetically pleasing items as possible.

It soon becomes evident however, that some buying, selling and swapping needs to take place to fill "holes" in the collection, finance digging expeditions (a trip to Kimberley with 2 overnight stays at Riverton & 1 meal in town could cost in excess of R 2,500.00 for a party of 3) or simply get rid of some of the "bulk" which tends to pile up in the garage.

And a word of warning: in Australia, 'bottler' means 'someone or something excellent' (as in "That try he scored was a real bottler"). This is the last programme in this series of Keep Your English up to date.

A new series called The English We Speak will be coming soon.

His enemies accused him of being scared, of, to use a different metaphor, chickening out.

That's what 'bottler' means in British slang: a person who lacks the courage to go through with something. It all goes back to a rather strange use of 'bottle' to mean 'bravery' or 'nerve', which has been around for nearly a century now.

Maw & Son, White Rose Toothpaste Lid with crisp print and gold band intact, worth as much as a scarcer lid in poor condition.

Al Lastovica put it in a nutshell by saying that "rarity should never be confused with desirability".

However, the New York Dairy Company is credited with having the first factory that produced milk bottles, and one of the first patents for a milk container was held by the Lester Milk Jar.

These are often made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), are used only once, and are easily recyclable.

Before milk bottles, milkmen filled the customers' jugs.

Some diggers, would you believe, can not even park their car in their own shed because of all the crates-full of bottles (LOL from Gertruida).

To this end a value needs to be placed on items for sale or swap in order to ensure fair play, but value, just as beauty, is in the eye of the beholder and is almost impossible to establish correctly.