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Nevertheless, ULA space has utility for assignment to devices that don’t require Internet access or for use on private, partner and VPN connections.An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Plastic is durable -- very, very durable -- which is why we like it.Is using stored procedures a common practice in My SQL?Any advice or resources you'd recommend to help me with the switch?One thing you have to watch out for is the fairly severe differences in the way SQL Server and My SQL implement the SQL syntax.Unique Local Address (ULA) space in IPv6 is analogous to private address space in IPv4.Henderson Island is a UNESCO World Heritage site in the Pitcairn Group of Islands in the South Pacific, roughly half way between New Zealand and Peru.According to UNESCO, Henderson is one of the best examples we have of an elevated coral atoll ecosystem.

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Hence a model using ULA internally NAT’d to public IPv6 is discouraged.

If you are on a Windows computer: When both tests are complete, you will want to copy and paste the results in an email and send them to [email protected] further review..

To copy the results, right click in the command prompt and choose Select all.

Most IP planners have become accustomed to the common IPv4 addressing strategy of utilizing private RFC 1918 space internally to their networks, then through the use of proxies and/or network address translators (NATs), translate private address space to a smaller pool of public IP addresses for communication over the Internet.

As such, NAT was an effective component in extending the lifetime of IPv4 as each enterprise demanded a smaller pool of public IPv4 addresses.