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Consider an email I received, entitled “Extramarital sex”: “As a single man, living with two other single men, the news of the recent laws pertaining to sex out of wedlock is quite terrifying, especially for a couple of friends dating local girls,” writes the worried reader.

“Any info you can shed would be really kind." Now, far be it from me to judge the kind of man who feels the need to use a solidus to distinguish between dating/sleeping with someone.

The explosion actually began in the late l930s, when local companies such as Alcoa began producing war materiel for Japan and European countries.

He’s immediately smitten when he sets his eyes on one of its patrons, the beautiful young Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore), who is seated alone, having breakfast.

The Alcoa plant processed millions of pounds of alumina used to build many of the 304,000 airplanes America produced during the war; the Waterman Steamship Company boasted one of the nation's largest merchant fleets, and Mobile became one of the busiest shipping and shipbuilding ports in the nation.

When Arctic marine life veterinarian Henry Roth (Adam Sandler) isn’t tending to the sea animals at Sea Life Park in Hawaii, he’s breaking the hearts of mainland tourists in search of a vacation romance.

(expats) We see the guys who sleep with tourists and are perfectly cool with not making any commitments. (expats and locals) I, personally, have seen a married man go home with a hooker. I think it's safe to say that if you're an older man and you end up with some cute, young, local girl - there's a big fat chance that your money is the most attractive thing about you to her.

I know plenty of guys - plenty - who have dated a young Belizean woman and was then expected to help take care of her, and her family.