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In nations described as authoritarian by most international think-tanks and NGOs, media ownership is generally something very close to the complete state control over information in direct or indirect ways.

Municipalities enabling and validating act how is dvi liquidating trust

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Where through inadvertence the nomination-day in any municipality for the election of members of the Council in the year 1960 was held on the fifth day of December and the polling-day (if any) was held on the fifteenth day of December, the election so held is as valid as if the statutory dates had been complied with.1961-45-2. 253 cited as "Percentage Addition Extension By-law No. 325 cited as "The Corporation of the Town of Castlegar to designate dates for percentage additions upon current taxes for 1967."1968-35-2., any person who was a resident in, or the owner of land in, the District of Gold River, the District of Mackenzie, the District of Port Alice, or the Village of Fraser Lake, as the case may be, one month prior to the thirty-first day of October, 1967, was qualified to have his name entered upon the list of electors of the relevant municipality provided he was otherwise qualified.1968-35-2., the Council of The Corporation of the City of Grand Forks, the City of Kelowna, or The Corporation of the City of Revelstoke may by by-law expropriate, without the municipality, any real property, or any interest therein, required for airport purposes.1968-35-2.(1) This section applies only to The Corporation of the District of Kitimat, The Corporation of the District of North Cowichan, and The Corporation of the District of Powell River.(2) Notwithstanding the provisions of the in respect of any debenture debts outstanding as at the thirty-first day of December, 1964, during the currency of any debentures issued under the by-laws authorizing the said debts.(3) Debenture debts under subsection (2) include indebtedness of The Corporation of the District of Powell River incurred under section 247 of the , becomes redeemable, the Council of the municipality concerned may cause to be transferred in trust to the Minister of Finance the full amount of money required to redeem any debentures and interest coupons of such series unpresented for redemption.(2) The Minister of Finance shall, upon presentation to the municipality of any unredeemed debentures referred to in subsection (1), pay to the municipality, upon the order of its Treasurer, the principal amount of the debentures together with the value of any interest coupons attached thereto.(3) Upon the transfer to the Minister of Finance of the full amount of money required under subsection (1) for any such debentures, the said debentures shall be deemed to have been redeemed and fully paid for the purposes of the applicable Act aforesaid.1965-30-2. The creation of a deficit or portion thereof in the general revenue fund operations of any municipality in and for the year ending on the thirty-first day of December, 1958, by the participation of the municipality in the Municipal Winter Works Incentive Programme of the Government of Canada shall not be construed as a violation of the provisions of subsection (1) of section 247 of the , but such deficit or portion thereof shall be a first charge upon the general revenue of that municipality for the year 1959 and shall be included as an expenditure for recovery in the annual budget for the year 1959.1959-57-2., Division (3) of Part IX of that Act applies to the Local District of Cache Creek, and all acts and things done by the Council or by the Commissioner of that municipality prior to the enactment of this section relating to the imposition of a frontage tax for waterworks purposes are valid and are deemed to have been within the powers of the said municipality.1961-45-3.The Act provides for the continuation, structure and operation of the Islands Trust for the Gulf Islands.It sets out the objective of the Trust and the main powers and responsibilities of the Trust bodies (Trust Council, Local Trust Committees, Executive Committee and the Trust Fund Board).

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Certain provisions of the Act also apply to regional districts, the City of Vancouver and other local bodies, such as the Islands Trust.This section gives property owners the authority to make agreements in favour of other bodies, including local governments, to put restrictions on the use and development of the owners’ property.The Act also describes the types of terms that can be included in these agreements and details about enforceability.or any other Act, the Lieutenant-Governor in Council may by Order appoint a Commissioner to determine and redefine the boundaries of any municipality deemed by such Order to be uncertain, and upon such determination being approved by the Minister, the Lieutenant-Governor in Council may by supplementary Letters Patent redefine the boundaries of the municipality accordingly.1968-35-2. or any other Act, The Corporation of the Village of Cumberland may grant and convey to the Board of School Trustees of School District No.71 (Courtenay) all the right, title, and interest of the former City of Cumberland in and to all that parcel or lot of land situate in Nelson District and known as "School Lot and School Addition, Nelson District," as registered in Absolute Fees Book, Volume 20, Folio 43, Numbers 6188c and 6189c.(2) The Registrar of the Victoria Land Titles District may accept for registration, free from any condition or trust, any such conveyance.1961-45-3; 1978-25-333.Note: We recommend selecting "View Change" if you would like to view the newly amended section. 399/2007 [2007 Bill 43] View Change This section was Amended on 2007-11-30.