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Her foster parents were deaf, and she learnt American Sign Language to communicate with them.

During her youth, Abby moved and got a chance to experience most of the southern United States.

Kensi and Deeks' (Eric Christian Olsen) life is going to change based on the finale," the EP teased via TV Guide.

In fact, Gemmill hinted that after "NCIS: LA" season 8, the show will undergo some sort of a reset as the characters move on from one of their most dismal years.

At the age of ten, she learnt how to drive a manual transmission.

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He also has a long list of rules that he uses to run his life and the work lives of his team.We learn in this episode that Bishop and Qasim have been dating for a few months. You know how it goes at much, but we will definitely get a little window into their relationship.Previously you talked about the importance of Bishop being alone for a while after her divorce.But the real answer was under their nose the whole time.(The throwaway line about "evening plans" in the scene where Gibbs tasks Bishop and Qasim with going through a ton of files, in retrospect, is a dead giveaway.)Michael Weatherly pitches a crossover chatted with Wickersham about whether we're going to see more of Bishop and Qasim's relationship play out in future episodes, why now is the right time for Bishop to jump back into the dating pool, and what impact the Guantanamo case is going to have on Bishop going forward. Qasim is in them and a little bit more of their relationship is revealed.Whatever the "NCIS: LA" season 8 has to offer, it appears that it will change the course of the series forever. However, fans can get an idea of what the season ender entails in the remarks made by executive producer R.