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Df not updating solaris

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A specified amount of disk space can be guaranteed to a file system by using reservations.For information about reservations, see Setting Reservations on ZFS File Systems.reflects only 90 percent of full capacity because the reporting statistics allows for 10 percent above the total available space.This head room normally stays empty for better performance.We are experiencing the same problem reported in issue #1188 .When we delete a file, its disk space is not free'd. Unlike typical file systems, which are mapped to physical storage, all ZFS file systems in a pool share the available storage in the pool.

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Because ZFS allocates its metadata as it needs it, no initial space cost is required, and the number of files is limited only by the available disk space.

Even after "du -sk" output, size doesn't add up to 40G that root fs is using.

If anyone know what I should do to find out, please help.

On one of Linux development server that I use, I'm seeing 100% space usage at root "/" level.

Root folder has a folder called "production" which is on a different mount / filer than the filer where root is. I'm doing a search "du -chs" on all folder which are in MB or GB and also finding the total space used at Root "/" (excluding /production) but I'm not getting where the other space is and why it's 100% used when all folders (excluding /production) is showing that, it's only 2.8GB in total.