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If all else fails, you can engage professional investigators to find out for certain whether your signifigant other is using a dating site.

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This "otome" game allows you to romance multiple men while playing an interactive, romantic story.

Get ready to move to a place packed with men waiting to romance with you.A key difference between Western and Japanese systems at the time was the latter's higher display resolutions (640x400) in order to accommodate Japanese text which in turn influenced game design.Japanese computers also employed Yamaha FM synthesis sound boards since the early 1980s, allowing video game music composers such as Yuzo Koshiro to produce highly regarded chiptune music for RPG companies such as Nihon Falcom.While its role-playing elements were limited, lacking traditional statistical or leveling systems, the game featured real-time combat with a gun, bringing it close to the action role-playing formula that Falcom would later be known for.The game's desert island overworld also featured a day-night cycle, non-player characters the player could attack or converse with, and the need to survive by finding and consuming rations to restore hit points lost with each normal action.Can you and Lily manage to work your way to the "True Ending?