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The first man pretends to be a water meter inspector, but she catches him snooping in the living room.

The second guy, Brian Lemmon, breaks in through a side window.

On some heads the hair recedes at the temple hairline causing a type of erratic hair pattern. Famous beauty, super model Claudia Schiffer, is reported to have not one, but two cowlicks at the front of her hairline.

Cowlicks are most often found in the crown area but they may also be found along the front of the hairline around the face and the nape areas. People that suffer hair from chemotherapy or other illness may be horrified to discover that a new cowlick pattern will emerge along with their regrowth of their hair. Claudia has commented that she deals with her problem hair by wearing it longer and having it styled to compliment, rather than highlight, the erratic little hair tufts.

Michelle grew up in Brooklyn and started acting in commercials at age three.

Initially, she refuses, but over the course of the investigation, Monk proves himself kind to Natalie's daughter Julie, which makes Natalie change her mind and accept the position (not to mention, an opportunity to get out of her current job as a bartender, which she admits to hating).

“My agreement was that I had to at least finish high school, and then make whatever decisions afterwards.

School was very important to her, and acting was very important to me.

“I’ve always known that I’m lucky to be an actress, and I’m lucky to be a working actress.” When the series ended in 2003, Michelle went on to make appearances on a number of TV shows, including . When I was originally sent the script by my agents, there was talk of looking at the Jackie role, which I’m too young for.

No one really even thought about Marina,” she told