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(Note: Not included are limited/event and miniseries or other projects earmarked for the summer. ABC Comedy ) -- PASSED OVER Logline: A comedy starring Chevy Chase and Beverly D' Angelo as two baby boomers who are fun, relevant and living a selfish retirement when their world is turned upside down and they are suddenly left to raise their grandchildren.

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As you know, Monica Bellucci is one of my Forever Biscuits. Monica Bellucci wouldn’t mind her husband being unfaithful if they were apart for a while.

I could very happily live the rest of my life in a deeply committed relationship with Monica, or Emma Thompson, or both. And it sounds like they’re probably going to stay together too, because Monica has a very laissez faire approach to what I think of as “traditional” marital fidelity. The 46-year-old actress – who has daughters Deva, six, and 10-month-old Leonie with spouse Vincent Cassel – values respect and loyalty more in a relationship than fidelity.

You can’t ask such things as who has he been seeing, what has he been up to? I am talking about loyalty and, most important of all, elegance.” She repeats the word several times, explaining what she means.

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It is about a passion for the moment, a sense that as long as everything is good when they are together, that they choose to be there and everything flows, then nothing else matters.

Bellucci starred in Giuseppe Tornatore’s , in which she played Mary Magdalene.

Career aside, we present the personal story of Bond’s latest object of affection (it feels like a disservice to call her simply a 'girl') – a goddess-like Italian bombshell, fluent in three languages who nearly became a lawyer.

Her character of Lucia Sciarra, a particularly stunning widow of an infamous criminal, meets James in Rome.

For Bond actor Daniel Craig, 47, it came as a shock to be in a love scene with someone so relaxed about it all."When you have to get intimate on screen with someone you do not know it is never easy," she says.