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To a Scorpio man, sex is religion, and finding the right partner is everything.

Most Scorpio men will wait patiently stalking their chosen prey rather than take whatever happens to come along. Scorpio is a fixed sign, so these natives are happiest in middle management carrying out the orders from above.

Cancer woman will very quietly enter into Leo man's life almost inaudible.

Zodiac sign Leo immediately assess the child's affection and naive helplessness of the Cancer woman that he would want to become a strong advocate to her.

As the tender Cancer provides thoughtfulness and compassion in the relationship, the Leo provides passion and intense desire to make the relationship warmer.

Leo man will delight the Cancer woman with his independence, outspoken character and very strong will.

This couple will not long ponder whether they should be together, they will create a strong union to learn from each other the qualities each of them do not have.

If you want to be involved with a Scorpio man, take sex very seriously, sort of like jumping on the funeral pyre. They are dependable and reliable, especially about confidences, trade secrets, and the like.

The Scorpio man as a boss probably has extreme work ethics.