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However it isn't just couples who are seeking help, Mr Amaranth says 50per cent of his clients are single women wanting to improve their own orgams, or single men wanting to learn how to perform better in bed.

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After the success of Fifty Shades of Grey, couples, and especially women, believe there is something wrong with them if they aren't having mind-blowing sex - and are subsequently taking serious action with this new breed of sex tutors.

And there are the sex surrogates, made famous by the new film The Sessions, who give their clients one-on-one coaching in 'caressing techniques, kissing, feeling relaxed with another person in the nude and, inevitably, the sex act itself.'Mr Amaranth, 36, describes his sex therapy (far from the emotional and psychological healing performed by traditional sex therapists), as being like 'a chef who teaches other people how to make gourmet food.'His clients can choose between simple 'talk sessions' which take place over Skype or G-chat for 5; or the 'guided sessions' in which he observes couples, or single people, pleasuring themselves or each other in a hotel room - giving them real-time tips, advice and encouragement.