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So, how can you learn and extract models from legacy code?To answer this question, ASML’s software departments, TNO’s Embedded Systems Innovation (ESI) and academia are collaborating closely to develop scalable means and methods for software model mining, which could then be applied to ASML’s software-intensive semiconductor lithography systems. To explain these methods, I’m going to borrow a coffee machine analogy from Dennis Dams, senior research fellow at the TNO-ESI group.There are several ways in which systems become legacy systems, which you may recognise within your own business: If you have these scenarios, how can you work around or with Legacy systems?

Do the words “legacy code” send shivers down your spine?

Legacy limitations may prevent businesses from gaining a competitive advantage, introducing new products and services, moving into new geographies, or expanding services to customers on new platforms.

In addition the business owner or leader who is responsible for the business processes, can no longer make any business process improvements without seeking the permission of the person in charge of IT, due to limitations of the system.

Important: 100% of Google Analytics properties have been transferred to Universal Analytics, and all new properties will be Universal Analytics properties.

If you are still using a legacy tracking library (such as or versions 1.x of the mobile SDKs), you should strongly consider upgrading your tracking code to get all the benefits of Universal Analytics.