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Mysql automatically updating foreign keys

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I understand Loop Back uses "WHERE" query and as a work around I am adding foreign keys directly in database but while running automigrate or autoupdate, it throws some error due to that, although it works fine.

As a temporary workaround I am thinking about not to add foreign keys constraint in database until model definitions are stable.

For those encountering the problem " ERROR 1216: Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails", it actually means what it says!

Some row in the child does not comply with the constraint, correct the problem.

In the Foreign Keys tab, just simply click a foreign key field for editing.

By using the foreign key toolbar, you can create new, edit and delete the selected foreign key field.

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Can you elaborate why you need to set up the RDB foreign keys? Exactly @raymondfeng , I require to use foreign keys for referential integrity.The column level constraints can apply only to one column where as table level constraints are applied to the entire table.My SQL CONSTRAINT is declared at the time of creating a table.It makes sense to me that the database takes care of relational integrity of data and it saves a lot of code to not have to worry about cascading your deletions to linked models.Since I use automigrate a lot for my tests, I've added the following code after automigrate to add indexes after table creation let sql = 'ALTER TABLE quote add constraint fk_book foreign key (book_id) REFERENCES book (id);' Source.connector.query(sql, done); Hi @fusionstrings , just stumble upon this same problem and I was wondering "what am I doing wrong?My SQL CONSTRAINTs are : The UNIQUE constraint in My SQL does not allow to insert a duplicate value in a column.