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Nis slave not updating

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Strange failure modes can result if one server goes down and others are dependent upon it.

Eventually, all the clients will time out and attempt to bind to other servers, but the delay involved can be considerable and the failure mode is still present since the servers might bind to each other all over again.

It is good practice to first list the servers closest (in net terms) to the machine, then those that are on more distant parts of the net, then press CTRL-D.

Managing NIS maps Creating the list of slave servers on the master Updating NIS Server Maps Building Maps with make NIS maps are databases that specify certain system information such as user names, passwords, and host names, in a database format called DBM.

The ypserv package implements fully NIS master/slave support and is compatible to the version from SUN.There could be more hosts running ypserv, this one are called "slaves". If a slave goes down, it will miss updates from the master.On other machines using the NIS services as client, you have to run ypbind.For example, bootparams,ethers, and timezone files do not exist by default, and may be removed. Type the name of the server you are working on, along with the name of your NIS slave servers, and then press CTRL-D.This will avert errors during the make process ( i.e. It will ask the question “Do you want this procedure to quit on non-fatal errors [y/n:n]n. Above command initialize the slave server as a client first.If the NIS master is running the command on any NIS client.