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The Emma-Ken Relationship, also known as Kenma or Kemma, was the one-sided (on Ken's side) relationship between Ken Tanaka and Emma Pillsbury.

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Global Financial Database (GFD) also have these benchmark oil prices.One of the most frequent questions WTRG receives is "Why doesn't OPEC just cut production?Just click the update button on the “Parameters” sheet to update the spreadsheet with the latest WTI prices.The oil price is often in the financial news as a key economic indicator so it is not surprising that many researchers are interested in historical oil price data.Benchmarks include Brent Crude (EUCRBRDT) and WTI (USCRWTIC) Datastream from Thomson Reuters includes numerous historical time series of oil prices among its commodity category.Benchmarks from Thomson Reuters include Brent (OILBRDT) and WTI (OILWTIN) crude oil.

Keen investors are usually interested in oil prices.

This is because crude oil is part of a well-balanced portfolio, and you may already be investing in it via a commodities fund.

The correlation between oil and share prices changes over time.

They will increase total revenue." This article explains one of the major problems OPEC faces each time it meets.

It is the third in a series on crude oil pricing issues.