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Hibernate just holds the state of the new object, loaded object and updated object. The methods which you are using are for updating its states and ultimately updated in database after the unit of work is completed. If you want to receive the future articles on hibernate, please subscribe here. That means it insert an entry if the identifier doesn’t exist, else it will throw error. When you call save Or Update you will either update an existing record or insert a new one based on how Hibernate checks unsaved values - normally, whether or not the id been changed, or ... The only thing that seems a little confusing is that the rolename is unchanged. Do you think Hibernate has to show the statement in it' logs? Author Message supratim Post subject: can not saveorupdate please help Posted: Thu Feb 18, 2010 am Newbie Joined: Thu Feb 18, 2010 am Posts: 3 Hi all, I have this following mapping files.Hello, I am new to Hibernate and facing very basic problem and not able to found what's issue in the code ...... xml Code: [color=#000000]Hi, I have very strange problem using save Or Update.This is the central API class abstracting the notion of a persistence service. The lifecycle of a Session is bounded by the beginning and end of a logical transaction. The persistent state is the state loaded and queried entities are in.

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Apart from that latter consideration there is no need to invoke on an already persisted entity because any changes will automatically be saved at flush or commit time.When switching from Hibernate to JPA a lot of people are dismayed to find that method missing. And figuring out what piece of code persisted (or merged or retrieved) that other entity is harder than figuring out why we get a "detached entity passed to persist" message. If you want to find out if something is a bug in Hibernate, they have a JIRA Issue tracking site you can use.Or a similar message when we use a different JPA provider than the Hibernate Entity Manager.So what is that detached entity the message talks about? a detached object) is an object that has the same ID as an entity in the persistence store but that is no longer part of a persistence context (the scope of an a problem to persist the same object twice within one transaction.If the primary key already present in the table, it cannot be inserted.