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Error updating locale cisco 7911

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To: [email protected]; [email protected]: Re: [cisco-voip] 7911 factory default reset Can your phone talk to the tftp server properly? Si usted ha recibido este mensaje por error, por favor avise inmediatamente al remitente contestando y eliminando este correo.

--- [email protected]: ____________________________________________________________________________________ Don't pick lemons. Cualquier punto de vista u opiniones expresadas en este mensaje son del remitente y no necesariamente coinciden con aquellas de Neoris. This document may include proprietary and confidential information of Neoris, and may only be read by those person or persons to whom it is addressed.

A Cisco 7975 was not available for testing, however, the 79X5 models have standardized configuration templates and the information for these units should apply (We are still trying to acquire one to confirm this).

One of the most valuable and available resources in setting up systems has been peer communities.

You should have a valid TFTP server and DHCP to provide the phone with an IP address (DHCP option 150) and phone firmware depending on the phone model.

With Vo IP technology growing so rapidly, the marketplace so too has an ever growing selection of hardware options available for system implementations.

It seemd like bad cabling, but it behaved the same plugged directly into the switch (Cisco POE switch). I'm not sure wether I completed the procedure correctly though: - reset the phone with the # pressed - then press 123456789*#0 in sequence The prone now enters the "Upgrading" phase, reboots, with a circle icon (bullet?

The phone stays in this loop until I unplug it, or reset it to factory defaults.

However, for all their outstanding advantages, configuring these phones to work with a non-Cisco managed Vo IP network can be a bit of a chore.

To further complicate this task, the information available on configuring the newer and more user-preferred devices (touch screens, color backlit display, etc.) is extremely sparse and largely unconfirmed.

By resetting, I do not mean the reset to factory defaults, but a normal reset.

The latest version of the firmware we have on our CUCM version8 is 9.2SR2I can see that in the firs stage the phone is requesting files from the TFTP server, and gets the correct files for the 42 / 62 series. After rebooting, the telephone starts upgrading again, but there the error auth fails is shown at the display.