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Saudi Arabia leads an oil boycott against the Western nations that supported Israel in the October War against Egypt and Syria. In February, a stampede at the hajj pilgrimage leaves 251 dead. engineer working in Saudi Arabia is abducted and beheaded, and his execution is filmed and broadcast, causing revulsion in the U. In June, President Barack Obama visits Saudi Arabia as a part of a Middle East tour aimed at increasing U. Officials say 330 suspects were tried but do not specify how many were guilty. A woman is sentenced to 10 lashes after being found guilty of driving, the first time a legal punishment has been handed down for violation on the ban on women drivers. In October, Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz al Saud is named heir to the throne, after Crown Prince Sultan. In June, Crown Prince Nayef dies, succeeded by more liberal defense minister, the 76-year-old Prince Salman.

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Kristine Beckerle of the organisation described the campaign as "incredible and unprecedented", adding that Saudi women have made it "undeniably clear" they won't stand to be treated as second-class citizens any longer.Although women's rights have been incrementally extended in recent years – they were allowed to vote in municipal elections for the first time last year - their actions are still severely restricted.In a country where a woman cannot even open a bank account without her husband's permission, here are several other things they are still unable to do: There is no official law that bans women from driving, but deeply held religious beliefs prohibit it, with Saudi clerics arguing that female drivers "undermine social values".At least 1,000 Saudi Arabian women flee the country each year because of the country’s ingrained misogyny, a sociologist based in the country's capital Riyadh has claimed.Higher numbers are also believed to leave for the more liberal city of Jeddah. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (in Arabic, al-Mamlaka al-Arabiya as-Saudiya ) occupies most of the Arabian Peninsula, the original homeland of the Arab people and of Islam.