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If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file.The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.The Japanese-made Fenders do have some slight serial number differences (typically a "J" serial number prefix). I believe this was a mistake on Fender's part using the same prefix for both U. Below are some examples of letter prefixes used in recent serial number schemes.Japanese Serial Numbers on Peghead Decal Note the lack of S, E, N series. Corona factory was opened in 1985, Corona California, with major guitar production starting in 1987.With the addition of a custom shop in 1987 the plant currently employs about 700 workers.The new Fender did not acquire any physical assets of the old company, just the name "Fender".Hence during 1985 to 1987, production of Fender guitars was only done in Japan, while USA Fender created a new factory in California. BUT note that the "E" and "N" series does sometimes appear on "made in Japan" models. In any case, if it says "made in Japan", then it is... Fender has recently (in the last 20 years) introduced LOTS of different serial numbers schemes, depending on the country the Fender was made (USA, Mexico, Japan, Korea, etc). Sorry, since I do not collect new Fenders, I don't really keep track of these things.

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Squier Company manufactured strings for violins, banjos, and guitars.Someone gave it to me, and I've been searching for the serial number (S 94xxxx) ..result.. It sounds better than an american standard stratocaster, and the finishing is awesome ! I think it's from 1980, but I'm not sure beacause the fender serial number do not correspond with the squier numbers... imgurl= Lotta Angus/pictures/gear/17912/&usg=__7In EYW0pr5ojr YA8bjtx I0TT-D4=&h=667&w=500&sz=75&hl=fr&start=1&tbnid=i Ga Ev YOQr Cgi YM:&tbnh=138&tbnw=103&prev=/images? Its not from 1980, Squiers weren't made until 1982 and at that point they were japanese.It's a squier II stratocaster by Fender (made in korea) It's old (yellow pickguard, pickups) and the white colour is kind of yellow too (I think it's a vintage white or an olymic white) ... If its a Korean Squier II it was made from around 88-89 til somewhere in the mid 90s.The 1986 catalog pics show the new Tokai logo, need to determine if this happened earlier than 1986.Important Points Link To US Site designed and maintained by Edward Cullen.The other indicator on Fender copies is the Tokai logo on the headstock.