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Firms typically buy frequent-flier miles from airlines at less than one penny per mile, but that can get expensive quickly. When cereal companies put coupons for miles in boxes, store shelves went bare.In 1999, a Healthy Choice frequent-flier promotion led a man in Sacramento, Calif., to buy up huge quantities of pudding and donate it to the Salvation Army in return for help peeling off labels to mail in.Three words ignited a social-media storm in Hong Kong this past week: free for foreigners. A Mandarin Oriental spokeswoman said it wasn’t a hotel event, and declined to comment further. Chan defended the event, saying that asking women to pay US0 was a way to screen attendees and an attempt to help serve her customers better. “For most guys, especially bankers, they say, ‘I’ve seen many, many pretty girls and I’m looking for a wife.’” But the company doesn’t limit itself to collecting fees only from wealthy women. Chan said this weekend her company is hosting a dating event that matches female flight attendants, who will attend free of charge, with men who will pay HK,000 to mingle with them. “It’s because they travel around the world, and can carry on a conversation,” she says.It started with an advertisement that depicted a young Asian woman smiling at a Caucasian man, who eyed her while holding a martini glass. “When it comes to foreigners of the top 0.1% kind—those bank managing directors—all they ask for is someone smart and financially independent,” she says. So far, about 10 men have signed up for the event, which isn’t restricted based on nationality for men or women. in town have if you look the numbers at the moment of for every thousand won their only eight hundred and seventy six men Hong Kong's he can see that ratios quite lopsided ...

Others wondered why dating sites didn’t let you search for mates by their airline status level. Bloggers quickly point out opportunity and travelers share tips on discussion boards like Flyer Talk and Inside Flyer. Mint offered free shipping to put dollar coins into circulation, frequent fliers ordered millions on credit cards to get points, then paid their bills with the coins.The show claims a nightly 1.7 million viewers—suggesting that nearly 25% of the city’s population can’t get enough of Gobby, Mandy, Suki, Florence and Bonnie’s antics.There’s a reason why the show has struck such a chord.A Facebook page, “Say no to ,” has already generated well over 2,300 “likes” since it was created a week ago.Still, Hong Kongers have stayed glued to their TV sets.topping the seven inch and twelve men for every thousand and five twenty forty one ...