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Each of the Four Gospels provides detailed information about the time of Jesus’ death.
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When Isaac meets his bride, Rebecca, he takes her into his mother's tent and she becomes his wife (Gen. When Jacob takes Leah and then Rachel as wives, there is a reference to the consummation of the union but no mention of a ceremony (Gen. The same is true of the Prophet Hosea, who was commanded to take Gomer, a prostitute, for a wife (Hosea 1:2-3).According to a rabbinic legend, God took part in the marriage ceremony of Adam and Eve: "It is taught in the name of R.The dawning wedding day heralds the happiest and holiest day of one's life.

This is called "Kabbalat Panim." Jewish tradition likens the couple to a queen and king.

There are differing opinions as to which part of the ceremony constitutes nissuin/chuppah; they include standing under the canopy - itself called a chuppah - and being alone together in a room (yichud).

The ketubah details the obligations of the groom to the kallah (bride), among which are food, clothing, and marital relations.

If the wedding ceremony is held indoors in a hall, sometimes a special opening is built to be opened during the ceremony.

Many Hasidim prefer to conduct the entire ceremony outdoors.