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(DMG II)-Sacrifice: Guts has been branded with the symbol of sacrifice.Evil outsiders and undead can sense his presence and general direction as long as they are within five hundred feet.

This could mean you are only swinging with a 3-5 or so, and would probably be better off just having him hit vs your AC... I thought that might be the case, but don't have my books with me at the moment.I guess the big question is, what's more reliable, a Will save or an Intimidate check? can you combine Intimidating Strike with other attack options, like Power Attack? There are also several different Fear inducing magic items, like the Subjugating weapon enhancement from Heroes of Battle.You also might want to consider Netherese Battle Curse, Brutal Strike, and Combat Panache, which also debuff your enemy without pushing the auto-win button. When I say "low level," I mean "REALLY low level," as in levels 1-3.This is more than arithmetic, it’s huge carrot for the early breakaway because the first rider over the top will collect points.The descent is steep at the top and steep at the bottom but again it’s not the infamous road either as they take the main road down to Grosio via a series of hairpins instead. The Stelvio is a giant of a pass, Europe’s second highest paved pass in fact and with a relentless feel.But, can I use a maneuver at the same time that I'm using the intimidating strike feat?