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Customers must present a certificate issued by a veterinarian for transportation of pets between 8-12 weeks old, indicating that the animal is in good health and can travel by air, as since animals this age are more vulnerable to dehydration.

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The love you have for your child is unquestionable, but remember that making time for you and your significant other in no way makes you selfish—after all, you were a sultry lover long before you were a hot mama, right?A happy home is a healthy home, and nurturing your relationship will only fortify that oh-so-important credo.Angel is clearly the perfect woman to get the inside scoop on being a sugar baby.​“There are so many great reasons for becoming a sugar baby,” she tells me.“Some girls are interested in the experiences and the travel, some are interested in the mentoring aspects or having a sugar daddy to make connections and get a foot in the door to their future career.”Frankly, all of these motives sound reasonable to me.

One night, when a girl who couldn't have been older than 21 breezed past in stiletto heels and a killer mini from Topshop, a woman who was also having a solo drink leaned over and said, "That girl is a sugar baby."Right on cue, the girl in question turned around and squealed, "DADDY! (And based on the pinch he gave her on the butt, I’m certain it was NOT her actual daddy.)I’ve often wondered who these women are - college students, single moms, or simply thrill seekers? An “Angel Baby” is a term reserved for a woman who “has made Sugar Daddy Dating her career and she usually needs a budget of at least ,000 a month just to cover the bare essentials.” Wow, right?

It’d be difficult to refuse a first-class plane ticket to a five-star resort in Bali or attend ritzy movie premieres where you can hobnob with industry people.

However, Angel had more practical reasons to begin dating older, wealthy men - the financial freedom. I was working three jobs, going to school full time, and trying to raise my child,” she remembers.

And then he started his sex-for-cash empire, which includes Miss (for travel hookups), Seeking (for "Sugar Daddies"), (for single Sugar Daddies) and Whats Your (where users bid on dates).

Wade told his story to Business Insider Advertising.