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• riskiness grade 1 • difficulty of conquest 5 Quite nice girls have less need of a foreign man, aspire an easy life, are the future force of the nation, have a job or a gratifying activity.

• riskiness grade 3 • difficulty of conquest 2 Girls from small towns or from the countryside are simple girls and workers but in some cases begrudge the hard life and without satisfaction, a charge of children and husband, disappear one morning saying "I'm going to buy the potatoes" and never return.

• riskiness grade 2 • difficulty of conquest 3 The majority are beautiful girls and know to be the norm, have fewer pretensions, and adapt themselves more easily.

• riskiness grade 1 • difficulty of conquest 4 Interesting girls in general are also very intelligent, have a good cultural preparation, serious moral principles and workers.

UW: What difficulties did you face while investigating the people involved in this underground business, including pimps and victims of coerced prostitution?

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One of the girls can be heard saying, 'We danced in vain', before the clip ends.

Nobody, it seemed, wanted to be the one to stop her.

The plane soon touched down at Kyiv's Boryspil International Airport.

As a motorbike can be heard roaring towards them, the woman turns around to cheer at him, but it appears to cause the rider to take his eye off the road and smash into a BMW.

The clip starts with the woman - identified only as Masha - dancing to the camera, flaunting her dance moves and bending over.