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in Steroidal Abuse Ollie Optimistic Aspiring foreign affairs correspondent seeking placement in North Korea; Enola Gay descendant. I could go on but I just threw-up in my mouth a little.

Education: Black Ops Academy Sure, I’m having fun with the above profiles but some of the real-life pics really do make me shudder. Why would you upload a picture of yourself that requires red-eye reduction?! And then there’s the job seeker who posed in the driveway, dented aluminum garage door as the backdrop, decked out in a cocktail dress that can only be referred to as a cotton slurpee.

Join the army, burgle houses, shag the cousin etc, but have a bacon Sanger and you are banished to hell. For many people, religion makes their life easier because it's more convenient than trying to understand a few simple principles of physics, or because it saves them having to justify acts of violence or discrimination. Let's face it, if everyone took the religious view that a god created the world then no-one would've bothered to do the research on tracing the universe's light and energy back to the big bang. v=Ex Aw4h Ih RIUwhat that jebus died for my sins over 2000 years ago, even though he didn't know wether i was going to commit any sins ? I mean when someone sins against me, I don't sacrifice my son. I really dont believe in God But i find it just as hard to believe that we are alien to this planet.

And while we're about it, the next f'cker that knocks on my door of a weekend morning, bible in hand, is going to get more than the door in their face. ) im sure the (biblical) flood is a story of the few survivors of an ancient civilization, that was almost wiped out, taking with it secrets of lost technologies such as the building methods in peru and egypt.

Intimacy is a matter of chemistry and despite the quickest bonding two people can gain, it usually takes time.

At the end of a protracted working day at perform, what improved technique to take pleasure in the evening than to share it with the heart’s companion – your Soulmate. attachment_id=19628) few more just to make a point... I had the benefit of a Cof E school primary education so I was well aware at an early age of what a load of bollox it all is :)Just to keep the ball rolling so to speak... for the past 80years the fake bullshit parla-ment(whitch means talk lies in latin! for anybody wanting someone to pick on,it shouldnt be the church. attachment_id=19628) will strike you down for this blasphemy, if I notice you online in the next few days it will confirm my atheism. Don't take my ownership of a bible to mean I'm any less of an atheist... Think of all the fucking sacrifices people have made to God in all his various guises. Nasty swaying to the thee temple ov psychic youth or the universe People,,,,,im not going for the Prince Philip Movement lol I wouldn't touch any of them with my light sabre, lol. the bible was the book of LAW for a thousand years in this country.–the possibility of you getting access to potential hiring authorities is nearly overwhelming. Lycanthrope Larry Skilled disemboweler who thrives under full moon conditions; seeking bloody advancement. Location: Northern NJ Education: Your Mom’s House The Ultimate Warrior Lunatic seeks fashion industry internship for academic credit. With all this exposure you’d think people’s profile pics would drip with professionalism, offer a stunning glimpse of pure employment awesomeness. Location: The Hamptons, NY Education: BA Yale, Study Abroad in Paris Bath Salt Billy Reputation for bizarre fits of rage and keen eyesight; proven ability to clear a room; results-oriented people person. It's an interesting brand management dilemma: What do you do if your ads are effective in driving business, but are annoying as heck to the general population?