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Alcoholism: This word probably makes you feel uncomfortable, right?I grew up without talking about this disease, and didn’t realize its severity until someone I loved suffered.In today’s day and age, people can get addicted to an almost endless range of substances: alcohol, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, pills, and so on.Yet one of the most common types of addiction that you may see in dating is alcoholism.If you cross paths with someone who has an alcohol problem, the question then becomes, what will you do with that information?As you meet and — let’s be honest — interview various dates en route to finding your long-term partner, you need to know how to spot someone who uses alcohol in an unhealthy way.

The report also discovered those who make more than ,000 are more apt to binge drink. Well, for men, it means having five or more drinks in two hours time.When a person consumes more alcohol than their body can metabolize at one time, the concentration of alcohol builds up in the bloodstream, suppressing vital functions like breathing and heart rate. D., an assistant professor at Columbia University’s Division on Substance Abuse.What's more, binge drinking could also lead to scary stuff like accidents, memory problems, or alcohol addiction, warns Nasir H. Research also suggests that binge drinking may lead to insomnia symptoms, a higher risk of injury for women in particular (so Binge drinking and insomnia in middle-aged and older adults: the Health and Retirement Study. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 2014, May.;30(3):1099-1166.“People often don’t recognize binge drinking as problem because it’s not a daily thing,” says Gregory Smith, M.D., a prescription addiction specialist at the Comprehensive Pain Relief Group in L. “They think, ‘I’m able to function at work and at home, and I don’t need to have a drink every day so I’m fine,’ but then they finish a bottle or two of wine over the weekend.” Binge drinking is major cause for concern.Overindulging in alcohol is actually the culprit behind more than 80,000 deaths in this country, and is the third leading cause of preventable deaths.