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Just let me know how you want it to work: Hi All, I read the messages and I am trying to upgrade, but Mojang (Microsoft now I guess...) made such huge internal changes it's not very easy.

Putting this out there, but fixing things atm - watch out for the bugs!

This is still the home for ALPHA /BETA Shape Shifter Z development. sixth, i wnt it, so what do you mean,@N8morg43, *You're *too *upon *grammar *you're (again) *shouldn't *haven't *fifth *are *can't *you're *wan't Ok, listen here you little shit.

In the future Shape Shiter Z will be a Forge mod so stay tuned. Shape Shifter X is just name for alpha version of upcoming Shape Shifter Z. Pros:- Models aren't laggy, and they change very fast Cons:- Some mobs sink into the ground (Zombie Pigman, Skeleton, Zombie)- Some mobs don't move (Enderdragon, Squid, Bat, Magma Cube)- You don't make sounds that the mob does- Model only visible in both third person views, not first- No special abilities gained, so turning into the mobs is pointless- Very one-dimensional, you get access to all models immediately, no way to unlock them- A lot of source code copyed directly from i Chun's Morph mod Overall, it seems that the only thing that this mod does is change your player model. Why can't you make this shapeshifter mod same as the shapeshifter z you dont even get a menu to select a mob on this make it like the shapeshifter z so it has the bones and will make it a lot better mod and start working on it because i waited 6 months and no 5% start working.first, your to young to try to hate on something based opun your grammer, also it appears your 7, if you were born in 2006, maybe you shouldnt put so many details in your name when you hate, second you made absolutley no sense, third you havent even tried it you looked at comments, so how do you even know, fourth, its a beta version, he just started on it, fith what arre you going to about it? You don't have better grammar than him so don't pick on him or I will make fun of your grammar.

Any person's name written in these files will make him rendered as the mob that the text file is named after.

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I'll have to work in the update in between the upcoming features for the mod, so here's the timeline: Version Beta v0.9.5 was the last non-bugfix update for 1.7.10, consisting solely of new cloth uses.

In single player, changing shape will also cause you to change dimensions and perspective so, for example, if you chose to be a wolf, you would be able to walk through one high holes, but as an enderman would need a three block high hole.

This will not happen in multiplayer, but you will still be able to activate some abilities and will still look like the mob if you go into third person view.

Mod Loader is not required because it wouldn't be able to help with compatibility other than saving me from editing perhaps two more files.

These are not the files that tend to cause issues with other mods.