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I hate internet dating

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Yes some people have met the love of their lives and had lots of fun with online dating, but more often than not, it’s a pain in the ass.I did try it when I was single and I was a touch scared of the weirdo’s that are out there and how confrontational, over familiar and downright creepy people can be when they instant message or email you. Jaysus if you want to find the largest cluster of deluded liars, check out online dating sites. Someone sees your photo and if you’re online, they IM you with an innuendo or send BS emails about how they are in love with you, want to meet you, or want to touch you, and all because they saw your picture and read your profile.I walk down the street checking out cute guys wondering: Is he single? Curse the hipster barista under your breath as you realize why this particular coffee shop has no one in it. Instead of doing work alone in my apartment (where no guys are going to magically stop by and take me out for a drink), I decide to go to a coffee shop and do some work.Bonus 2: A list of the top 10 things I hate about online dating. Why are there so many pictures of you by yourself with your outstretched arm framing the side of the pic and a sourpuss smirk?Any why are there twelve pictures with the same facial expression and the same arm on your profile?On dating apps like Tinder you just may find true love, but it can also be a nightmare.Tinder seems to be the weapon of mass destruction that is single-handedly demolishing hopes of finding love online.

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False photos, pretend careers, false personalities, pretend lives, forgotten marriages, forgotten children, and much more. For quite a lot of guys, it seems that making contact with a woman online means that it’s time to get their penis out, photograph it and send it to her. When it’s done by email or IM it’s downright laughable. You get a load of winks and there is always one guy that takes umbridge about the fact that you didn’t wink back or get in touch with him. Online dating is the haven of people who should be logging off and spending time with their husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend. I’d like to meet a guy between 25-34 based in London solicits men ranging age from 18 to 80 living in may different countries… I’m sure there are honest people genuinely looking for friendship and love, it’s just that there is clearly an overwhelming majority who want to wreck it for them by abusing the opportunity to meet someone new and putting online dating in a bad light. But really, you’re just paying for lies and weirdo’s making their way into your inbox and potentially into your life. Technology actually hinders communication in dating. Emailing, IM’ng and texting should not make up the bulk of any persons contact when they really want to embark on a relationship or even open up communication to start dating.After what feels like years and years of avoiding online dating I finally gave in. I think we all see the error I’m making but here I go anyway: Step 1: Gather up all my stuff including my 15-inch Mac Book Pro which is considerably heavier than I remember it being the last time I took it anywhere. on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon and wonder if anyone will actually be there because is such a pretty day outside.I want to be clear: I didn’t avoid online dating because I thought I was too good for it, or not “desperate” enough for it, or because I thought all the guys were freaks who couldn’t get dates on their own, or that I “really do like being single.” I avoided it simply because it seemed like too much work. A tiny part of me DID think that all guys who use online dating sites were freaks that couldn’t get dates on their own. Step 2: Research coffee shops that are known for being places that people (read: maybe cute guys) go to do work. Step 5: Walk in and realize that everyone and their mom is at the coffee shop. Step 6: Walk down the street until you find another coffee shop, go in, buy coffee while being thankful there are actually places to sit.There I was writing 12 essays for my annual review and my eyes started to glaze over, my brain started to go numb; I had to entertain myself!And what better entertainment than a bunch of goofs on the Internet looking for love??Yes, I’m talking to you dark15672, latino, and 345,000 others. I realize that out in the real world, the first thing you say to a person is “hi”, but this ain’t the real world, honey. I’m just as lazy as the next guy, but when I can clearly tell that you’ve held down your finger, pressed copy, got to my message, held down your finger again for paste that’s pure laziness.