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Controlling behavior dating men

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You just can’t figure out exactly what you're angry about. There must be something wrong with you; a good man would want to have sex with you, remember your birthday, put effort into solving the problems, or just show up on time every once in a while.

And that's the trap women fall into — they become responsible for all that's wrong in the relationship.

We like to have some control of our lives, and at times, this obsession to control the circumstances in our lives end up turning us into control freaks.

[Read: Top 20 reasons for divorce that couples overlook] Controlling behavior in a relationship Controlling behavior in a relationship doesn’t just show up all of a sudden.

His or her jealousy and asking questions may appear that your partner really cares about you.

It may even seem cute how often he or she checks up on you, for example.

His fear of conflict means punishing you in covert ways for something you “made” him do. He's in a constant battle with himself to pursue and then distance himself. At first you thought he was being overly-attentive and helpful. He's a strong, decisive man who knows what he wants and says what he means.The charm turned into manipulation, and his kindness hinged on your towing the line.It takes time for one partner to start taking the other partner for granted, or control them.And at the same time, your partner can never control you unless you give them that control voluntarily.Do you know how to recognize the signs of a controlling relationship? This can make it harder to realize you are in a bad relationship until after you experience emotional or physical abuse.