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I was in Las Vegas a couple of months ago and happened to be walking out of a casino just as five fancy tour buses pulled up. The informal parade was such a spectacle that I failed to see if the pageant’s owner, one Donald J. Trump has been known to be a judge on the pageant panel as well as its owner, and I'm sure he has a difficult time choosing the best from among so many winning candidates. Because F5 is again releasing a new version of BIG-IP, it falls to me, David Holmes, the Donald Trump of F5 Marketing, to choose among hundreds of beautiful security doodads and select from them The Top Ten Hardcore Security Features. I know one woman who brings her labradoodle for emotional support because she can’t vape sativa while in the air. Policy can be applied with granularity The port misuse policy is associated with either a context or an AFM Rule.
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