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I´ve seen in other posts that it is possible to update 6100A´s firmware using 6500A´s firmware (that´s very interesting because 6100A does not burn DVD-R/RW media! I´ve tried using all the versions avalaible for the 6500A and when I try to burn DVD-R/RW media (Fuji and Verbatim using Nero) it keeps saying "Illegal disc". I have just flashed my [email protected] with the Liggy 2.23 firmware and it is still not possible to change booktype for -/ R or -/ RW media (only available for R DL media). I'm not sure there is a way to make the drive -R DL currently or somebody would've tried it. Mike I have the 6100A in my Dell laptop, and I flashed it with the 6500 2.40 firmware several months ago. I burnt heaps of music CDs for my sister, and she complained that they were faulty, and I blamed her CD player.